Bella Nico History

history01Bella Nico Inc. was established in 1995 with the purchase of Veggie Values label frozen club pack vegetables. With this acquisition, the foundation was set to become a niche specialist company, providing products for both our customers and consumers. Bella Nico’s objective was to offer a quality line of product at a competitive cost. Veggie Values packaging provided convenience to the consumer by applying inter lock seals on all 4 lb and 5 lb items. We offered a variety of items, 15 in all, to cater to specific and all consumers. Bella Nico was the first to present a clear interlock 24 count, 3” mini cob corn and the first to offer a 3 lb bag of Baby Lima Beans. Both items today rank in the top 5 in sales.



Today, we continue to introduce new items with the consumer in mind.   In April of 2013, we introduce Bella Nico 26 oz and 4 lb frozen Brown Beef and Gravy. We project these two items to be as successful as our Italian Beef in Au Jus.

Bella Nico is about the old traditional way of doing business. It’s honesty, dedication, hard work and communication, as well as developing a long and lasting relationship with both our customers and consumers. We provide our commitment to you.